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I'm a yoga instructor Kamala Ayaka.

I will tell yoga along the traditional school.

Chiba Nagareyama Sivananda Yoga Oki Kamala Saitama Koshigaya Hakariya
Chiba Nagareyama Sivananda Yoga Oki Kamala Saitama Koshigaya Hakariya

Sivananda Yoga

One of Indian traditional yoga schools organized from a scientific point of view by Western physician Swami Sivananda.


*Two types of breathing method (Pranayama)

*Sun worship (Sriya Manasukara)

*12 asanas


It is made up of seven chakra, Dosha (constitution) which are arranged along the spine.

It is also called "as a healing yoga" because asana treats meditation and breathing equally.

Oki Yoga

Yoga for Japanese founded in Japan by a pioneer leader Masahiro Oki, a pioneering leader of yoga in postwar Japan.

It combines traditional Indian yoga with Yin Yin Road, Zen, Shinto, Chinese medicine and natural food.

Not only asana, but also heart, body, food and breath,

we will harmonize and stabilize our mind and body.

"Life immediately god"(Life is God)

While listening to the voices of life(my own life, feeling of the body)

I aim to achieve a reasonable posture and breathing in my life.


*President of Kamala Yoga Studio ~Peace & Love~

*Formal leader Sivananda yoga officially recognized by the Government of India

*US Yoga Alliance RYT 200 Certifiled Lecturer

*Completion of Oki Yoga leader training

*Completion of leaders training for Oki Yoga Soutaihou

*Completion of Laughter Yoga International Certified Leader

*Learn Vipassana meditation at Damma Ditcher

*[Guidance history]

   Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram(India)

 Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center Delhi(India)

 Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat(Bahamas)

In 2007, I started Oki Yoga at a local yoga classroom.

Completion of leaders training in Family Yoga in Kanda, Tokyo in 2010.

In the same year, completion of trainee training for operation method.

After that, while continuing studying yoga, I thought that " I want to go to  India!"

And I encounter "Sivananda Yoga" as to whether I can send yoga every day.

In 2014, the initial sign.

Completed "Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course" at "Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram" in South India. Initiated from Swamiji and receives spiritual name "Kamala"(Camara).

Stimulated by the strong and simple culture, I want to "stay in India" and destroy tickets for returning.

During my stay for about 6 months, I will teach asana class and teacher training course at the center of Ashram, Delhi in South India.

After that  I continued traveling in Asia, America, Central America, South America, Europe, etc. I went to studios and ashrams of various countries while touching the culture of the land and continued teaching and studying asana.

Currently in Japan, we hold a yoga class focusing on the metropolitan area.

Kamala Yoga Studio (Minami-Nagareyama)

At Studio in Nagareyama, Chiba , we have programs based on Sivananda Yoga · Oki Yoga and we prepare classes for a wide range of people.

Chiba Nagareyama Sivananda Oki Yoga Kamala Saitama Koshigaya  Hakariya


Those who are beginner and do not have confidence in physical strength.

Those who want to challenge because their bodies are hard.

Lose your mind and body with relaxed breathing and pose.

I will go without imposing what I can do now.

Would you like to see it from the basics of yoga?


Chiba Nagareyama Sivananda Yoga Oki Kamala Saitama Koshigaya Hakariya

Mothers Yoga

It is class of warm welcome with children.

Good to run, good to cry, smile still better.

It is a yoga class for mothers.

Ofcourse it is okay to join together.

We will take a business trip if there is hope.

We will also tell you how to arrange diet and body distortions that fit your individuals in the class.

We are also consulted personally.

Let's make asana easier to arrange from the inside of the body.

Chiba Nagareyama Minami-nagareyama Sivananda  Oki Kamala Yoga Macrobiotic Koshigaya Station Hakariya Saitama


Meals are positive for warming the body and negative one for cooling the body.

There is no food for everyone, it adapts to your body and eats as mush as you need.

I will also talk about the Japanese climate and the natural diet therapy matching the body of the Japanese people.

Chiba Nagareyama Sivananda Yoga Oki Kamala Saitama Koshigaya Hakariya Soutaihou


Keizo Hashimoto the therapy also called"self treatment" devised by a doctor.

We will use muscle tension and relaxation to cure the distortion of the exerciser system and go for the purpose of preventing disease and improving function.


[Every Thursday : 10:00-16:00]

・Yuttari Yoga : 10:30- 11:30

・Mothers Yoga : 13:00-14:00

・Sivananda Yoga : 14:30-15:30


・Regular : ¥2,000

・Reservation : ¥1,800

・Monthly(4times) : ¥6,000

・Trial(First time only) : ¥1,000

・Rental Mat : ¥100(First time free)

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6-29-1 Minami-Nagareyama, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba(Ichibangai meeting place / 2 parking lots reservation system)

10 minutes on foot from Minami-Nagareyama Station, 20 minutes on foot from Misato Station

Along the Nagareyama Highway

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